Local Counsel

Sometimes a case comes in, and it requires an intense and thorough understanding of the industry.  Many firms use national counsel.  While the national counsel may know the law and can learn the ins-and-outs of the case, knowledge and experience of the locale involved is absolutely necessary.

With a strong and diverse background in Products Liability, Jack Hall lends expertise and guidance as local counsel throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. He has been called upon by his peers and national counsel to serve as local counsel with the court, provide guidance regarding local rules of civil procedure and evidentiary issues and jury selection including assistance at trial. With more than 45 years and over 2500 Products Liability cases behind him, he knows how to assist in preparing these cases for ADR, discovery, interaction with the court and a successful trial.

His practice as a trial attorney has included the defense of manufacturers of automobiles, industrial machine/equipment, consumer products and appliances, chemical products, and medical devices. He has also very experienced with fire and explosion cases and, in addition, has regularly defended clients facing food-borne product claims and is very knowledgeable and experienced in FDA regulations and other federal regulations, as it applies to these specific areas.