Products Liability ADR

  • Mediation
  • Claims Counseling
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Brand Protection
  • Private Jury Trials
  • Mock Jury Evaluations
  • Early Neutral Evaluation of Liability and Damages

Alternative Dispute Resolution focuses on resolving cases before the expense of trial. Its importance and worth have led to it often times being mandatory, as a way of providing a more cost effective, less risky option for resolution without the time, cost and concern that comes with trial. Many lawyers, corporations and individuals are looking to it as an answer, and in many situations, it achieves its goal.

With Jack Hall, PC, there is a long-standing career as a products liability trial attorney, including years of experience preparing and presenting cases in the ADR arena. Mr. Hall understands the language, technology, regulations and how product manufactures run their business and evolve.

Because of this specialized experience and expertise over many years, the ADR practice at Jack Hall, PC is focused solely on Products Liability cases, providing educated, informed guidance that gets both sides hopefully to a fair resolution.

In addition to mediation, Jack Hall’s ADR practice focuses on an array of ADR methods, including: claims counseling, dispute resolution, brand protection, private jury trials, mock jury evaluations and early neutral evaluation of liability and damages.